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Emma Weymouth health: Model suffered a condition that left her bleeding from the brain

Emma, 33, is a former model and the first mixed-race viscountess in the UK following her marriage to Ceawlin Thynn, Viscount Weymouth. The socialite developed a condition during her her first pregnancy in 2014. Speaking to the Daily Mail’s Weekend magazine, the Strictly Come Dancing contestant revealed the was diagnosed with hypophysitis which is a… Read More »

College Football Season Is Here. Will Universities Continue To Ignore The Risk Of Brain Damage?

For those of us in academia, September means a new school year, and all of the excitement and energy that students bring as they return to campus. Strolling around, you can feel the energy in the air. September is also the beginning of the college football season (in the U.S.). For many students, alumni, and… Read More »

US diplomats exposed to ‘sonic attack’ in Cuba DID suffer brain damage, new study finds 

Revealed: American diplomats’ brains SHRUNK after being exposed to ‘sonic attack’ in the US Embassy in Cuba In 2016, US diplomats and their families in Havana started experiencing strange symptoms They all recalled hearing a distinct noise, and many had balance issues   A team at Penn State University has been evaluating the affected diplomats  By… Read More »