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Posh Hamptons eateries left without booze licenses on Memorial weekend

It was the worst holiday weekend imaginable for some new Hamptons eateries — they couldn’t snag liquor licenses in time, leaving their tony customers, gulp, without booze. “People work hard. They come out here, and they want to have fun,’’ said Zach Erdem, who brought in Michelin-star chef Terrance Brennan to run his new Southampton… Read More »

DNA test could boost IVF success rates without putting embryo at risk

A human embryo during the third day of its developmentJim Dyson/Getty Images By Clare Wilson TESTING DNA that is naturally discarded by embryos could safely reveal those produced using IVF that are most likely to lead to pregnancy. IVF doctors try to transfer only the healthiest embryos for pregnancy. DNA testing to identify such embryos is already available, but it has… Read More »